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Loïc Gambardella – Be Athletik Co-founder

Loïc’s impressive experience and qualifications exemplifies his passion for sport; demonstrating a deep understanding and expertise in a multitude of sports performance areas. He is a recognized expert in athletic performance evaluation, specifically; functional movement optimization and analysis. In the past ten years some typical clients he has worked with include, the Gymnastics French National Team, Premier Football League Arsenal FC and Ladies European Tour players (Golf). His research in biomechanics conducted on Alain Bernard was used in the preparation of the 2008 Olympic Games.
As Founder of Physio Consult, he established a first class center; dedicated to sport trauma and physical therapy since 2009. At the same time, Loïc began working with TPI due to his interests in the impact of movement’s efficiency on performance in sport. Looking to combine all of his competencies, he founded in 2013, Be Athletik which will focus primarily on preparation and performance, lessening risks of post sport trauma. It will also incorporate a larger inclusion of cutting edge technology to the mix, further establishing his niche qualifications and knowledge.
He uses only the latest equipment including; Keiser and 4D Motion. Techniques he uses consist of many techniques such as Functional Movement System (FMS), Athlete’s performance (AP), dry needling, cupping, posturology, TPI, SFMA …, he has succeeded a certified Level 3-Medical pro, Level 2-Golf pro and golf biomechanics. Moreover, he is actively involved in R&D The Stadium Concept, contributing to the development of new innovative products which have an impact on youth sports and education. He is very keen on sharing his passion and knowledge and is getting more and more involved as a professional trainer, in association with sports’ leaders such as Manuela Carneiro, a renowned Pole Dancer choregraph and teacher.
He has received his MA in Physical Therapy, as well; he acquired one diploma specializing in Osteopathy and Manual therapy of neuro-integrated systems. He is an avid athlete who enjoys all physical activity and sport. As a young adult he participated at the competition level, swimming, gymnastics, skiing and golf. His passion gleans from his personal and professional experience.

Mes formations

2017-2018 Mat System – Functional Movement Group Training
2017-2018 Dry Needling Training
2017-2018 Motor Patterns Training
2014 SFMA Level 2 Training
2014 TPI Power Coach Training
2013 AP Level 3 Mentorship Certification (Phoenix, USA)
2013 AP Level 2 Mentorship Certification (Phoenix, USA)
2013 Trackman Level 1 Certification (The Netherlands)
2012 AP Level 1 Mentorship Certification (Los Angeles, USA)
2012 TPI Level 2 Biomechanic Certification (Oceanside, USA)
2012 TPI Level 3 Fitness Certification (Orlando, USA)
2012 TPI Level 3 Junior Certification (Orlando, USA)
2011 FMS Certification (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2011 TPI Level 2 Junior Certification (Düsseldorf, Germany)
2011 TPI Level 2 Golf Pro Certification (Düsseldorf, Germany)
2011 TRX Sports Medecine Certification (London, UK)
2010 TPI Level 3 Medical Pro Certification (Orlando, USA)
2010 TPI Level 2 Medical Pro Certification (San Diego, USA)
2010 Neuro Integrated Orthopedic Manual Therapy Certification (GRETEM – Paris, France)
2009 TPI Level 1 Certification (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2007 MA in Osteopathy (R.O.R.I. Paris, France)
2002 Training to the European DU in Physical Preparedness (Lyon I, France)
2002 MA in Physical therapy (C.E.E.R.R.F. Paris, France)
2001 Training to the European DU Sports and Health (Paris XIII, France)
1998 Swimming State Certificate (DDJS Nice, France)
1998 S.T.A.P.S. degree, Option: Physical training (UNSA Nice, France)

Mes expériences professionnelles

2017 Creation of FormaPoleDance with Manuela Carneiro
2015 Founding partner of The Stadium Concept
2013 Founding of the Be Athletik centre (performance optimization)
2013 Physical preparation and monitoring of Thomas Morel (Sailing, Finn category)
2011-2013 Instructor for the Titleist Performance Institute in France
2011-2012 Physical preparation and monitoring of Romain Chapot (110m Hurdles)
2011 Biomechanical analysis of the French Laser team (sailing) for the2012 London Olympic Games
2010-2013 R&D for Design Physio (EKKAR conception)
2010-2013 Biomechanical and physical analysis of the local French sailing federation and PACA league
2010-2011 Biomechanical analysis of Margot Bailet (French skiing team)
2009-2013 R&D for All-Care Innovations
2009 Founding of the physiotherapy office Physio-Consult
2007-2008 Physitherapist and Osteopath on the Ladies European Tour (golf)
2005-2006 Biomecaswing Centre in Terre-Blanches
2002-2004 Private physiotherapist (Antibes, France)